Feedback Informed Treatment

FIT-Outcomes is a web-based outcome management system designed to support the use of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

With FIT-Outcomes it is possible to administer the scales online and get instant feedback. This allows you to use the system for ongoing quality assurance of the services delivered and for ongoing treatment adjustment to ensure the maximum benefit of the treatment.

FIT-Outcomes calculates the most important outcome data giving you access to the numbers or graphs. This makes it possible for single providers or agencies in the private or public sector to document the effect of the services delivered.


Your client data is secure with FIT-Outcomes and we're fully GDPR compliant.

The FIT-Outcomes web app runs in all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

Because of the responsive design, using FIT-Outcomes from mobile devices (e.g. iPad/iPhone and Android phones and tablets) works extremely well.


Predictive Trajectories

FIT-Outcomes uses the latest algorithms developed by leading researchers in the field. The algorithms are developed based on a sample of 427,744 administrations of the ORS, in 95,478 unique episodes of care, provided by 2,354 different clinicians.

In FIT-Outcomes the trajectories are produced immediately after filling out the first ORS making it possible for clinicians to have a transparent conversation with the client about the system feedback.

Detailed Statistics

Calculate real-time statistics and chart them based on various filters.


Multiple Languages

FIT-Outcomes supports the following languages:

Brazilian PortugueseScales
DanishUI and Scales
DutchUI and Scales
EnglishUI and Scales
FrenchUI and Scales
GermanScales (except GSRS)
JapaneseUI (partially) and Scales
NorwegianUI and Scales
PortugueseUI and Scales
RomanianUI and Scales
SpanishUI and Scales
SwedishUI and Scales


Visit our API documentation to learn how to access your FIT-Outcomes data through our API, making it possible to extract and manipulate your data in any way you see fit.


Pricing starts at EUR €159 per year for a single user license. There are no start-up fees nor limits to the number of clients you can have. Please email us for details on mass discounts.

Two Month Free Trial

Sign up here or write us an email to get a free two month trial of FIT-Outcomes.

If you decide that you want to stay with us, we'll simply upgrade your account to a paid subscription. You won't lose any data.