Frequently Asked Question


Where are you located? FIT-Outcomes (the company) is located in Denmark.
What are the hardware and software requirements for running FIT-Outcomes? FIT-Outcomes runs in your computer's, tablet's or smartphone's browser. The only requirement is a fairly new version of one of the major browsers - i.e. Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We also have a native app for iPhones and iPads, though it is currently not in active development.
How much does FIT-Outcomes cost? FIT-Outcomes is a yearly subscription. You pay for the number of licenses (i.e. users) you use. Once a year you will need to renew your licenses. You can try out our price calculator here.
How do we get support? First step is sending an email to You are guaranteed a response within 48 hours, but we usually get back to you in less than an hour or two. In the rare case we can't fix it by email, we can arrange for a phone or Skype call.
Can we integrate FIT-Outcomes with product-x-y-z? FIT-Outcomes, the web app (i.e. the one you are looking at now), does not integrate with any third party systems. However, we have opened up FIT-Outcomes through a REST API that will make it possible to programmatically access your data. You can find the API documentation here.
Can we integrate FIT-Outcomes with Electronic Health Record (EHR) system x-y-z? Not out of the box. See above.
Where does FIT-Outcomes store our client data? FIT-Outcomes (the software) is hosted in a state-of-the-art datacenter in Denmark.
Is it safe for us to store our data in FIT-Outcomes? Yes. FIT-Outcomes adheres to current best practices regarding secure communication and storage. Access to potentially sensitive data is logged.
Is FIT-Outcomes GDPR compliant? Yes.
Who owns our data? You own your data. You can always export it or delete it - and when it's gone, it's forever gone.
What happens to our data when we no longer use FIT-Outcomes? In case you stop using FIT-Outcomes and forget to delete your data, we automatically delete it after six months of inactivity. We keep some statistical data to improve the underlying ORS algorithms, but it is completely anonymized (i.e. all data about client and user is deleted).
How is our data secured? Only users with a valid email and password can logon to FIT-Outcomes. Once logged on, the user can only access his or her own client data (and the client data of the user's agency if authorized to do so). All communication to and from FIT-Outcomes is encrypted. Our database is using encryption-at-rest, so even if there should be a physical breach in the datacenter, your data is safe. Finally, we're backing everything up daily just in case anything should break.
How should we handle sensitive personal data? It is up to you to decide what kind of data you want to store in FIT-Outcomes. Some choose to completely anonymize all their client data (e.g. use "fake" client names), others don't and store real client names, social security numbers etc. FIT-Outcomes doesn't care what you store. We don't use it for anything, but we keep it safe for you.
Does FIT-Outcomes use cookies? We use cookies to store things that make FIT-Outcomes run (e.g. session information). We don't use any third party cookies and we don't send any data to third parties. That's why you don't get those annoying cookie-consent warnings on FIT-Outcomes.
Does FIT-Outcomes support two-factor authentication? Yes. You can optionally enable two-factor authentication. You will need to install an authenticator app (e.g. Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.) on your smartphone to use it.
Our organization hasn't prepared a Data Processing Agreement. Do you have a template we can use?

We have templates in Danish and English. Both are based on templates created by The Danish Data Protection Agency ("Datatilsynet").

When creating or editing a client, do I need to check the box "Client has approved that the data on this page and session scores are stored"? The checkbox is only a reminder to you that you should get consent from the client before storing data about him or her. FIT-Outcomes doesn't use it for anything.
The client GDPR details button doesn’t show anything? You have to save the client for it to have any data to show.
How can I understand the aggregate data? You can find some help here.
Can we access our FIT-Outcomes data through an API? Yes. You can find the API documentation here.
Can I use screenshots from FIT-Outcomes in my school or research paper? Yes. We only ask that you credit FIT-Outcomes as the source of the screenshots.
We cannot pay with PayPal, what should we do? Please email us your billing address, your VAT number (if you are located in EU) and the number of licenses you want to purchase or renew. We'll then email you an invoice with our bank information on it.
Where can I find the paper versions of the scales? The scales can be downloaded from here.
Where can I get more information about FIT?

You can buy manuals in English here.

You can buy manuals in Danish by sending an email to (e-version) or here (book-version).

You can buy the Swedish manuals here.

You can buy the Danish FIT Grundbog here.